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Welcome to the Warriors Foundation
The Warriors Foundation was founded by the Viljoen family and born out of the work done through the Warriors Academy, which focuses on the personal development and growth of young people, through adventure and experiential learning.

Over the past 18 years, the Viljoen family have worked with a vast number of internationally and nationally based young people, who have attended the Warriors Academy. In doing so, they have equipped themselves with the essential tools needed to overcome obstacles, find direction in life’s mysteries, thus enabling them to more confidently follow their dreams. This has been achieved with a key focus on the students building their self-confidence, self-belief and emotional fitness.

The Viljoen's have realised that there is even more of a need, for the quality of programs that the Warriors Academy provides. More and more students require these skills in order to succeed, but the support and finances are not always in place to create that reality. This is where the idea of the Warriors Foundation was born. 

The Warriors Foundation's Vision

The Warriors Foundation is the catalyst for change and upliftment, to provide deserving, underprivileged students with opportunities to develop leadership skills, emotional intelligence and to facilitate personal empowerment.

The Warriors Foundation's Mission

The Warriors Foundation's mission is to provide deserving students, who do not have the finances, with the financial support necessary to take part in the various Warriors Academy programs, through the awarding of bursaries or scholarships. It is an opportunity to change students' lives and provide them with the experience, skills, and direction needed to achieve their dreams.

The Warriors Foundation will actively search for the most deserving recipients of Bursaries and scholarships, in order to provide them with the opportunities to develop the leadership skills needed for them to succeed. The Warriors Foundation is committed to helping these students find their place in the world. We aim to create global citizens who will become future leaders. 

Ilona van der Kun Scholarship South Africa
The Ilona Van Der Kun Scholarship will be awarded to a deserving student who is not able to afford the cost of our Gap Year program or a specific Quest.
The Viljoen Scholarship
Five percent of all student fees is being allocated towards this scholarship .
Other Programs
We work with a number of partners and corporates to drive smaller scholarship opportunities for leadership camps, rotary camps, self-mastery courses and more.
Mandy Jungschlager Scholarship
Mandy was the driver in the betterment and growth in many peoples lives.