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Mandy Jungschlager Scholarship
Mandy was the driver in the betterment and growth in many peoples lives.

I am convinced that she really was an angel that came to play a key role in the lives of all those that was privileged enough to cross her path. Her kindness, sense of humour, humility and most of all her capacity to love was endearing characteristics that she left in the hearts of all she encountered. Those of us who knew her well often were in awe of her beauty, intelligence, loyalty, steely determination and sense of fair play. Mandy was instrumental in my recovery journey from alcoholism and the inspiration for me to further my studies. She was the mother that my kids never had. She was the angel that we needed to guide us on our journey. 

Mandy was suddenly and unexpectedly taken away from us in September 2021, leaving a huge void in our lives. It is with a sense of gratitude for the time we were given with Mandy that we as a family, myself, Kyle and Samantha have decided to set up the “Mandy Jungschlager scholarship” for girls under the auspices of the Warriors foundation in South Africa. The Warriors foundation is the catalyst for change and upliftment, to provide deserving, underprivileged students from around the world, with opportunities to develop leadership skills, emotional intelligence and to facilitate personal empowerment. 

Mandy loved this program and it is therefore befitting to celebrate her life by actively continuing some of the special and uplifting energy that she has, so lovingly brought to this planet.

May this scholarship be a catalyst in many young girls lives and may they, as they progress through life become part of the longevity and growth of this initiative.

Mandy, this is our way of remembering and honouring your beautiful life. We know that you are still keeping an eye on us. Thank you for choosing us. 

We love you, rest now, we will keep on fighting.

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Mandy Jungschlager Scholarship
Mandy was the driver in the betterment and growth in many peoples lives.